QSHE / Quality

W.G. Salari aims to be the safest possible workplace in which safety inspections and safety meetings are the norm

Our quality system is an essential part of our business. That’s because it gives us the opportunity to offer our customers the best possible standard of quality in accordance with current legislation and regulations. W.G. Salari aims to be the safest possible workplace in which safety inspections and safety meetings are the norm.

W.G. Salari is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, GMP+ FSA, SQAS, AEO and ATCN standards and guidelines.


Our business processes are continuously assessed and, where necessary, updated by means of internal and external audits. This enables us to offer our customers the highest standard of quality. The result of this continuous assessment and improvement resulted in the complete computerisation of order processing, route planning, communication and billing in 2009, representing a major step forward in our ongoing efforts to improve efficiency and therefore quality. In addition, we ensure that our employees also receive the necessary training to enable them to keep up to date with the changing conditions in the Transport and Logistics sector and put forward solutions as required.


We attach great importance to maintaining safe work practices and a safe working environment for our employees and visitors. Safety is therefore a core value within our day-to-day business activities, as evidenced by, e.g.:

  • Detailed safety instructions issued to our employees when they start work with us.
  • Regular training and retraining of our employees to familiarise them with the latest guidelines. For example, drivers are trained in accordance with the Cefic® BBS (Behaviour Based Safety) guidelines which cover all aspects of safety, including both road safety and safety during loading and unloading operations.
  • Rewarding accident-free driving.
  • Rewarding low absence rates.
  • A health and safety working group Safety4ALL.

It’s no coincidence that W.G. Salari drivers are regularly awarded the “Knight of the Road” certificate.

We also have various certifications that guarantee that health and safety are the top priority in our business.


As well as safety, we also attach great importance to the health of the people who work for us. Health and safety are inextricably linked and are therefore combined in our day-to-day actions and long-term decision-making.

We are advised in this regard by external experts and have an internal working group Safety4ALL that monitors health aspects in our organisation.

Among other things, our employees are given the opportunity to have an occupational health examination. Workplace inspections are conducted and the resulting recommendations are followed. Employees are provided with personal protective equipment and supervised to ensure that they use it.


Ours is an environmentally aware business. We focus particular attention on reducing CO2 emissions by the maximum amount possible.

Our drivers are trained according to the Dutch “new driving style” principle designed to reduce the environmental impact of road transport. Fuel consumption is accurately recorded and analysed and we let drivers know when improvements can be made.

We therefore invest solely in new EURO 6 trucks, which now account for the majority of our vehicle fleet.

We also participate in the Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) programme. This programme ensures the environmentally responsible management of plastics along the entire product chain. The programme provides tools to prevent the loss of plastic granules and create awareness among employees and business partners. The aim of the programme is to design all business processes when processing plastic granulate so that eventually no more plastic granulate enters the environment.

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