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We can dovetail our warehousing operations seamlessly together with our transport operations, which means that we can take responsibility for your logistics process, leaving you free to focus on your own business. Service and a customer focus are also priorities in our warehousing operations. We will always try to accommodate specific wishes, such as renting storage space, arranging customs documentation and performing shipping operations.


We can provide you with both silo storage and warehouse storage. Silos are suitable for storing granulates and powders. Salari has a total of 300 silos, ranging in size from 200 m³ to 340 m³. In addition, W.G. Salari has a storage capacity of 95,000 m² of floor space, in the form of both heated, unheated and cooled warehouses (with temperature registration).

Product handling

Our storage operations are supplemented by our product handling service which encompasses the following:

  • Receipt and despatch of goods on pallets.
  • Packing of powders and granulates into 25 kg FFS bags, big bags, boxes and octabins.
  • Rear loading of 20 ft en 40 ft containers.
  • Repacking from bag to bulk (de-bagging, bag-cutting).
  • De-dusting of plastic granulates (windshifting).
  • Homogenising granulates and powders (blending).
  • Measuring MFI of plastic granules.

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