“You never stop improving safety. It’s a continuous process!”

Formed in July 2009, the Safety4ALL team is made up of staff from various departments within our organisation and an external health and safety expert. The team’s objective is to further the integration of health and safety awareness within our organisation and, ultimately, reduce the number of occupational accidents and amount of sick leave to an absolute minimum and achieve continual improvements in working conditions. After all, you never stop improving safety: it’s a continuous process.

For this reason, following comprehensive research and consultation, the team has drawn up four safety rules that govern everyone in our organisation.

  • All members of staff must call all other staff to account for unsafe conduct.
  • Road safety and safety at work must be improved.
  • Personal protective equipment must be used correctly.
  • The premises must be kept neat and tidy.

Monthly safety inspections are conducted to identify any health and safety improvements that need to be made and to assess the degree of compliance with the safety rules.Recommendations for improvements in health and safety are based on an accurate record of the findings and a detailed analysis of these inspections.

The W.G. Salari Management Board’s close involvement throughout the process underlines the importance the company attaches to the health and safety of its staff and visitors.

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