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We operate throughout Europe, specialising in the transportation of powders and granulates. Our focus within Europe is on Scandinavia, Germany and France.

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Our transport options


In the area of intermodal transport, we specialise in shipping to and from Scandinavia, mainly Norway and Sweden. We provide a schedule tailor-made for each customer. Our local branch in Gothenburg and locally based trucking service allows us to be flexible and offer short lead times. We also have bulk pressure containers with a capacity of 53 m³.

Bulk transport

We employ experienced drivers who are knowledgeable about the products they transport. Operating a fleet of the latest vehicles, we have many years of experience in the transport sector. We are well known for the reliability of our deliveries and our efficient planning. At W.G. Salari, we use the latest communications equipment, including a track and trace system.

Vacuum bulk

Our logistics services also include transport by vacuum road tankers, which are operated by qualified drivers. We can offer our customers 62 m³ vacuum bulk tankers equipped with a wide range of fittings. We are always happy to discuss specific customer requirements (one-off orders) and will also fulfil them if technically feasible. In addition, our product-handling department can take care of any processes you require after the vacuum transport.

Break-bulk Cargo

You can also call on W.G. Salari for your break-bulk requirements. We can transport your break-bulk cargo throughout Europe in accordance with the most recent EU regulations. In addition, we are always on hand with ideas and solutions to optimise your logistics operations.