‘The world can survive without us, but we can not survive without the world. So let us join together, to make this world a bit better!’

(W.G. Salari)

Plastic granulate loss is the second largest source of primary microplastics in the environment. Unfortunately, pellet loss can occur along all links of the product chain, despite compliance with all standard environmental, safety and quality requirements. W.G. Salari believes it is important that as little plastic granulate as possible enters the environment and for this reason we have joined Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) and established an OCS team in 2023.

The OCS programme is a voluntary initiative to encourage and coordinate measures to prevent plastic granulate loss in the plastics industry. The programme offers various recommendations and tools to minimise the loss of plastic granules. By following the recommendations and tools of the OCS programme, we adopt a best practice approach that enables us to achieve positive results. In this way, we aim to effectively reduce the loss of plastic granules.

We also actively engage our employees on this issue through training and educational initiatives. We believe that fostering collective support is essential to the success of such environmentally conscious efforts to stem the spillage of plastic granules.

Finally, we not only demonstrate our commitment to environmental protection through our participation in the OCS programme, but we also take a leadership role towards our business partners. We strive for continuous improvement and cooperation within the industry to jointly achieve the objective of the OCS programme to ensure a sustainable future.

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